Sunday Worship, November 17: Please join us for our worship service at 10 am-Reflecting on Stewardship.  Scripture readings: Isaiah 65:17-25, Asts 4:32-35; Sermon: Visionary Giving, Joyful Sharing.  Rev. Peter JB Carman will lead worship and preach. 

Adult/Children-Youth Sunday Classes 

  • Bible study in the Board Room
  • Gathering of parents in the Parlor (discussion on parenting issues)
  • Children in grades 3-6: Room 117 during the worship service- with Ms. Robyn  
  • 2nd hour: all children/youth gather together for a group activity (check with the teachers)

Shaping the Sermon Bible Study every Wednesday evening at 7 pm.  You will learn about the coming week’s scripture passages in conversation with the pastor. Learn about the background of each reading; bring your own thoughts and interpretations on how its stories speak to the world we share, and in our personal lives. 

Community News/Events:

Saturday, Novemer 16 at 12 pm: You are invited to a celebration of Pastor Peter’s return from his 3 month sabbatical, “A Journey of Joy and Justice.”  Join us for lunch, music, conversation, lots of photos of Peter’s journey, and good time and fellowship. It is not too late to RSVP If you plan on attending. Just call the church office.

Sunday, November 24: We will have two special visitors with us at Emmanuel Friedens Church. Rev. Luz Amparo Chaguendo Ospina (from Colombia) and Ms. Ximena Ulloa Montemayor (from Mexico) will preach and help lead worship, and there will be an all-church opportunity to listen to their shared reflections on the Global Baptist Peace Conference, which took place in Cali, Colombia this past July, and their ongoing efforts. An informal lunch, open to all, will take place at 12:15 pm.

Saturday, December 28: Free Communiy Brunch hosted by Emmanuel Friedens Church  from 10:30-11:30 am.  Clothing Room will be open beginning at 10:30 am.