Two Traditions. . .

One Congregation. . . 

This is

Emmanuel Friedens 


Welcome to Emmanuel Friedens Church!

A caring congregation, we are on a new stage of our journey together.

We would love to have you be part of the adventure.

We hope you will enjoy exploring our website and will come to visit in person.


A Vision for Our Journey

Captivated by Jesus’ life and teaching

      Committed to

          Growing hearts and minds

                Learning openness, courage, and love

                      Serving with our neighbors

                            Pursuing God’s justice and peace

                                  Inviting others to share the journey!


Adult/Children-Youth Sunday Classes 

The public series on the history and future of Schenectady will inaugurate the fall 2018 adult education program.  Starting Sunday mornings at 11:20 in the church's Board Room, the specific programs and speakers are as follows:

9/16/2018  "Jesus in Schenectady Spirituality in the City" was led by Pastor Peter Carman

9/23/2018  "The History of African Americans in Schenectady" led by Julia Holcomb (Shenectady High School teacher), Marsha Mortimore (author of "The Early African American Presence in the City and County of Schenectady"), and Laura Linder

9/20/2018  "The History of Schenectady from a City Planner's Perspective", led by Chris Spencer (Albany City Planner)

10/7/2018  "Planning Challenges in an Old City Making Itself Anew" led by Brad Lewis (Union College economist, active in local city development and planning)

11/4/2018  "The History and Culture of Native Americans in our Area", led by David Conelius (Native American from Schenectady, expert in Mohawk and Iroquois history)

Emmanuel Friedens Church is an America Baptist and United Church of Christ congregation, with a history of community activism.  Worship begins at 10:00 am, followed by coffee and classes from 11:20-12:15.  The public is welcome!


The church's nursery cares for babies and the youngest children during worship.

There are classes for children of all ages following worship, from 11:20 - 12:15

Youth Group (grades 7-12) will meet following worship in Room 115 .